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Kaylla Damaceno

Kaylla Damaceno, owner of Bullshit Boutique, chats with about her business, bullshit ethics, corporatism, and the expression of self.

Who are you? What is Bullshit Boutique?

I am Kaylla Damaceno, just a 19 year old girl. Currently the primary owner of Bullshit Boutique. I always use the word “we” when describing Bullshit as I perceive Bullshit as a community.Bullshit boutique is a hub for creativity, activism and fashion. Oh, and we also sell really cool clothes. Our priority is to build something people want to be a part of or to befriend. Reselling businesses, nowadays, are lifeless. Most of them are as greedy as corporate monsters. Bullshit Boutique has your best interest at heart because we are you. We are you, them, her, him. We are everyone because of our community. We want to amplify our community’s voices. If you have art, music, any original shit, we want to give you a platform.

How have you come to define sustainability?

Sustainability is one of the most important things we as normal individuals can do to not only better the earth but better ourselves. Sustainability to me is reuse. It is thrifting, whether that be on any platform. We can not allow the fashion industry to use more textiles. Every year there are new trends that have been around for decades and people go to fast fashion outlets to have these corporate chains re-create these vintage pieces. Yet, you can go out and find them first hand yourself. There is a toxic side to reselling fashion. There are people that sell their prices at 200% of the original price. That is upselling bullshit! They prefer profits over sustainability. Sustainability is a communal good when people do it right. To be fashion sustainable you have to reuse and donate; meaning as much as you’re thrifting and taking from the stores you have to give back to the community by donating. That is why at Bullshit we have low pricing to truly be fashion sustainable and to keep our Bullshit Bratz looking fresh as ever. 

Tell us about your selection process and what you look for.

The selection process is quite messy. Bullshit boutique is all about inclusivity and that includes the inclusiveness of styles and aesthetics. We make sure that we know the trends, styles and different sub cultures that are happening. We search for every single one of those styles. We search through men’s, women’s, and children’s——defining anything that can be re-introduced to the community. 

How do gender roles inform how you carry your business?

There are no gender roles here at Bullshit Boutique. We don’t subject ourselves to gender conformity nor do we represent our bullshit in gender. Feminine and Masculine clothing  can be worn by anyone and everyone. We want the people buying bullshit to feel like all of the clothing we have are for them no matter what gender they are. We also urge and suggest that people should break out of their gender roles. Life is more fun that way.  

What are your bullshit beliefs?

Our bullshit belief is saying fuck you to ignorance. It is giving a hug and support to those who need it. It is to set ourselves apart from a greedy depot shop. It is making sure fashion sustainability is affordable. It is being active and loud with your voice. It is giving a platform to others. It is bringing people together. 

What was the decision process like when you decided to start your store and furthermore, how important was it for you to make it a non-conformist and inclusive space?

The decision process for starting my store was failing and trying again. Originally, Bullshit Boutique was a physical thrift store I wanted to open in the heart of Boston. Then, I realized that it is absolutely crazy coming from a broke college student. So I had to take that idea and minimize it to something I could successfully create.

I had to digitize it. Immediately, I already had a foundation where I wanted to build bullshit off of, that being community, fashion sustainability, creativity and activism. 

It was absolutely pivotal for me to make this a non-conformist and inclusive space. When it comes to small resale shops there is no depth. There are clothes and then there are customers, and only a simple transaction exists between them. I hate that. I wanted an attachment to the people that are buying from me.

“I want people to view this business as someone with a heart and a soul who is there for the people, because in this climate if you’re not there for your community then what are you for?”

Inclusivity is something that we at Magazine constantly attempt to propel, but when it comes to certain actions or beliefs a line has to be drawn. I think this is more so a question of morals, speaking for this magazine and our members (I hope!) there’s not a chance in hell where we would support racists, misogynists, homophobes…I think you get the point. For you and your business, what is on the opposite side of that line——what things do you not tolerate and what would make you exclusive?

We are extremely inclusive of everyone but there is a clear cut thick line that we draw when it comes to people who are welcomed and people who are unwelcome. We do not tolerate any ignorance of any kind and we explicitly say that in our bullshit beliefs because if you are ignorant we do not want you buying from Bullshit. Their blood money is not something we need. We want our clothes to be sold to the good people of our community. Since I believe so strongly in drawing that line here it is. I do not want any people confused if you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, colorist, classist, nationalist, a Trump supporter, a believer in blue lives or all lives matter you are not the people we want in our community or buying our clothes. The actions and beliefs you participate in harm the people we are trying to create a safe space for.

A section of your site, reads “B World,” it contains a few blog posts. Could you speak on its content and your decision to include it in your store front?

Bworld is the activism portion of Bullshit. We didn’t want Bullshit just to be a small business with a moral system, that is the bare minimum that people are asking for with these capitalist corporations. We wanted bullshit to be an active member of what we were preaching.


We want to create a safe platform in which we can amplify our community’s voices. We write and share political and social pieces about modern issues. Or just anything we are passionate about. We encourage everyone to submit a piece they are passionate about to our email bullshtboutique@gmail.com and we will amplify it. 

Congratulations are in order, your site is completely sold out. When can we expect new releases?

Thank you!! Right now we are doing monthly collections but since we have been getting a lot of recognition and much more demand we will be switching that into two releases a month starting November. The first one has a less variety of clothes than the second one. It will be spaced out with one in the middle of the month and a big one at the end. 

This is your space, your platform, to say whatever you want to our audience:

To the readers of Magazine, you are welcome to our little bullshit community where you will find your people, find creativity, activists, fashion, and more importantly individuality.



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