I don’t remember how I felt when all this started. Just empty. I can’t differentiate the moods anymore. It seems like no one is able to help but then it seems like everyone chooses which parts they want to associate with. Is this real? 

How do I know! 

What do I feel! 

Am I okay! 

Do you believe in me? 

I’ve wondered many times what it’s like to be here, but on another side. Will you still be able to feel me? I’m so close, I feel it. 

The tide breathes heavier 

Hours go by 

In the light he- 

Sends me 

I feel you 

So you should too 

Say it again 

How much does it cost for me 

I can’t forget 

To lock up right? 

Just as soon as a pause starts, it ends. 

I have this thing where I just imagine my entire life is a coming of age indie movie with a sick ass playlist in the background. I think this is one of those moments. 

 Each song is a different representation of the time in my life. 

I hope to walk in a place that once brought me some of the worst pain I’ve felt. I wish I had known this was the end. 







Words that represent an end 

I’m still waiting                                                   

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