Confessions of a Teenage Drug Dealer Part 1

My alarm goes off at 8:30 in the morning. “Time for work,” I mumbled. “Damn I wish I could sleep more.” I head over to the bathroom and wash up and begin to get dressed. Lucky for me my job doesn’t require a uniform. I fix my hair, make sure I have all my supplies and make some coffee before sitting down  at my desk to start work. You can say I’m self employed. I like to think of myself as a businessman, making a couple thousand dollars a month. Not a bad gig at all. I sell products, make connections, deal with suppliers, advertise, the whole thing. On top of that I’m a full time student paying for my own education. Every parent’s dream right? Well not quite…you see my job has many titles, dealer, plug, connects, but if you really want to know I’m a drug dealer. 

I know you’re all  probably wondering how I got such a sweet gig, so I guess I have to start from the beginning. Don’t worry I won’t go too far back. I was 14 years old at the time, a freshman in high school, at N/A Prep. I don’t even remember how, but I became friends with some seniors. It’s always cool to be friends with the older kids, but it may be a mere condition of teenage life. And so, one day they gave me an ounce. 

“Yo Hayden! Get rid of this for us will ya?” 

I didn’t think too much about it at the time so I replied, “Sure.” I didn’t even smoke that stuff before they gave it to me, though I didn’t care either. So I kept the ounce for a while until I could find someone to sell to. I just asked around here and there. But it really wasn’t that hard to find a customer. Let’s be real, teenagers doing drugs, not really anything new. Anyways, with that one ounce of weed, I sold it for $150. That’s a pretty sum of money, right? This was my drug, my addiction. Turning a high profit with such ease.That initial high you get from holding that cash from the work you did or seeing the numbers go up in your bank account, really makes you feel like you did something, like you earned. It’s funny how our success is connected to how much money we make. That dependence evokes little inspection yet trickles behind all of our moves.

Have you met anyone who didn’t want more money? Today, nothing feels free, everything is shackled up with a price point. And at the time, I was feeling the effects to the point where the product felt like a tool. I hadn’t actually experienced it.

So let’s get to the logistics of it all. I’ll share my secrets on how I make some good profit. First, like a man of business (or so I believe), I started selling small. I began networking and familiarizing myself with the people in the business, from the big bosses, to suppliers, to the customers. It’s all about the customers, you gotta’ know who you’re selling to. So here’s how it works with my own money, depending on the market and how many estimated customers I believe I will have, in a month I will buy my own pound or two of weed. Now let’s get this straight.  Although I am a drug dealer, I only stick to selling greens, nothing else. I tell my customers and friends, “Don’t do hard drugs! Stay to greens! No whites!” I buy that pound for around $1500 to $2000. Now I know that seems like a lot, but wait. I sell off ounces for different prices that will help me make profit. My average prices are $145 for ounces, $85 for half oz, $55 for quarter oz and $25 for 8th oz. So let’s do some quick math. There’s 16 ounces in one pound. Even if I just sold ounces for $145, multiply that by 16 and I’ve made $2,320. And if I got my pound for the good price of $1500, then I just made a profit of $820. Not too bad. Of course the business isn’t as black and white. Definitely beats a 9-5. But this is no way an endorsement, but instead my lived experiences and current emotions.

But with any job and every path to success there comes obstacles, hardships, and downfalls. You win some, you lose some.

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