Joel: Boiling Point

Who are you? 

I’m Joel and I’m the bassist for Boiling Point (PVD). 

Tell us a bit about Boiling Point.

Boiling Point is a HC punk band formed in 2019 in Providence, RI by our vocalist Mark Moreno.

How did you find your place in Boiling Point?

I found my place in BP as the bassist and felt immediately welcomed by everyone in the band. Since the first few band practices, we just clicked. Not only did we get along well, but we synced up pretty well musically and had a blast doing so every time! 

How would you describe your style (in terms of how you play music)?

I’d say it’s along the lines of old school hardcore punk with a little funk added into it. 

Is there any intersectionality between your music and your sentiments towards our society?

Yeah, we believe that our music speaks on the current issues and conflicts of today’s society. One example is our song “no judgment,” which speaks about drug use.

What is the mentality behind making songs like that?

A lot of DIY show spaces have Narcan on hand and some shows even have Narcan training sessions and harm reduction organizations tied to the punk scene like Compassion Kitchen and Harm Reduxx, to help foster a culture of responsible drug use that doesn’t judge users within the punk scene and outside any sort of music scene as well.

Punk isn’t as mainstream as pop or other forms of rock. For those who don’t know what is punk/hardcore punk? 

You can say that, but a better definition would be punk is raw. Punk is unfiltered and gritty. Unlike pop music, there’s usually a deeper message and idea in punk music more frequently than in a random catchy hit song you’ll completely forget in a few weeks. 

How does punk music manifest in the wide and diverse scope of music as a whole?

Punk is a pretty diverse scene where everyone has a voice to speak on what they’re passionate about or angry about. Especially as a queer POC, it could be difficult finding a place where I can be myself and vibe with other like-minded individuals, I know I can always find that at a punk show! 

Could you speak more about that inclusivity?

It’s inclusive based on the idea that anyone can be a part of it if they want. It’s for the people who specifically have been marginalized in the community and it’s also a collaboration of ideas, art, music, expression, etc. ranging from all different cultures and areas of the world. It’s always striving for inclusion and I think becoming more and more advanced as time goes on.

This is your space, your platform to say anything you want to our audience:

I urge everyone to read more books, explore some new music, try some new recipes, and try to do 1 nice thing and 1 creative thing a day!

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