Thoughts: For You, For Me

I want someone to fall in love with me for all those small, stupid reasons.

Like the way I keep my hands inside my sweaters despite the seasons.

Or how I get overinvested when I read, 

While they look at me like I’m everything they need.

Can they fall in love with my smile?

The one that makes their day worthwhile.

Will they accept my ugly cries?

Like how I get when someone dies.

Or what about my uncontrollable laughter,

The one that doesn’t stop even after.

Can they love me? Will they love me?

I guess I’ll be waiting through the century. 

In the meantime, I’ll love myself for those small, stupid reasons.

My little idiosyncrasies that don’t change, only deepen.

I’ll love myself for what makes me me, so  that when they come along, I’m ready. 

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