Runaway adolescence,

We are the unstoppable children of the 21st century.

Carrying gallons of hope on our back, 

We dance with reckless abandon,

Crashing into one another like whitecaps to the shore.

Screaming with smiles on our faces, 

And tulips blooming from our fragile hearts.

The youth has begun to rise like the tide.

We are unmasking those who have lied,

We are ignoring those who claim their hands are tied,

We are unclassified and unspecified,

And we will never be satisfied 

Our propositions are disregarded,

Our ideas are written off,

Our projects are dismissed.

We are delinquents, yet beings enveloped in creativity.

We are unruly, yet truly alive.

Overlook our ideas,

Bask in your ignorance,

But remember what you neglect.

They fear the glimmer in our eye,

The sparkle of strength,

The flame of fury. 

We are the wild youth,

Aching and waning between two worlds, Ours and theirs. 

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