Soul: A New Disney Classic?

Spoiler warning! Classic Disney movies will always be appropriate at any age- even if I’m a teen. I recently watched the movie Soul, which has been out for a bit on Disney Plus. From the looks of the trailer, and given that it’s a Pixar, PG, family movie, I naively thought it would be a fun, upbeat cartoon movie. I definitely did not expect that my mom would be clenching a tissue box at the end of it. 

Soul is about a middle school music teacher named Joe Gardener. When he gets a chance at his big break, he gets into an accident and ends up in the after life. He must reunite his soul with his body to get back to real life. While in the after life, he meets a pessimistic soul by the name of 22. At first, 22 does not want to go to the real world and so 22 and Joe attempt to switch places as 22 has a “life badge” to get Joe back to life. However, when they switch, 22 begins to love the idea of life and living, and refuses to switch places with Joe. 

There is one moment in the movie that truly stuck with me. 22, in Joe’s body, is sitting outside on some concrete steps. In this scene, Joe, as a Cat, asks 22 why the concept of life was originally so scary. 22 talks about how they felt as though their life would be a waste, because they did not have a passion or a drive that made them worthy of living. When I heard this through the screen, I felt like I was in the movie. I felt like I was 22. That scene hit me hard.

All my life, I’ve felt like I have been wasting my life because I have never had a hobby or a passion that has defined me. As I continue to grow up, I see all of my friends get involved in the things that make them, them. I’ve begun to feel average and unworthy of happiness. What this movie helped me to realize is that the point of life isn’t to surround yourself with different things that give you “purpose.” It’s about moments, memories, and everything in between that makes life so full and enjoyable. 

If you have the time, and a Disney Plus subscription, (or you could borrow your friends, like I did) definitely watch the movie Soul. It’s heartwarming, thought provoking, and really makes you think. Don’t let the Disney brand and the cartoons fool you, it’s more than just a silly kids movie. In fact, it’s for everyone. It touches you and makes you think about feeling, about life, and why we’re all really here. 

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