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Operation Four Magazine was founded by Orianna Jaylin, a political 
science student at Rutgers University. What started off as a plan for a small blog has evolved into much more! Operation Four Magazine is 
seeking to give high school and college students a meaningful 
opportunity and experience. For a variety of reasons, it may be 
difficult for students to articulate themselves. Operation Four 
Magazine gives those with interests ranging from pop culture to mutual aid a chance to express themselves--via writing (of all forms), 
photography, graphic design, research work, and volunteer work.

2020-21 Initiatives


Striking meaningful conversations on the subject of the nuances of our socio-political climate.


Dissecting government policy

—increasing awareness of such policies and  introducing rhetoric that  reinforces the importance of the relationship between policy and lived experiences. 


Support and  contribute to local causes and organizations.


Consistently working towards giving the youth a platform. Agesism is an issue that far too often plagues our everyday. Age does not denote a level of understanding/education and age should never minimize one’s voice.


Orianna Jaylin- Editor in Chief/Director

My name is Orianna, my pronouns are she/her, and I’m from New Jersey. I’m a student at Rutgers University, majoring in political science. My likes include: anything that Phoebe Waller-Bridge puts her hands on, trying to care for plants, whiteboards, boba, & Princess Diana. My dislikes include: the two-party system, every member of Congress, Rory Gilmore, & packed parking lots. In my free time I like to listen to podcasts (I love “You’re Wrong About”) and rewatch movies and shows: LadyBird, SuperBad, Veep, The Nanny, and Criminal Minds. As I continue this journey, I hope to reach and connect with as many people humanly possible.

Ines Munchenbach- Assistant Director

My name is Inès, my pronouns are they/them, and I’m French and Pakistani. I’ve lived all over the place, but I’m currently at the University of Toronto’s University College studying philosophy, art history, and environmental ethics. Some of my “likes” include Fichte, Platonism, cooking for mutual aid, platform shoes, and dada. Some of my “dislikes” are punitive justice, Dumettian philosophy, low-rise socks, and class reductionism. In my free time, you can find me making candles, playing bass, practicing stenography, or (most likely) watching reruns of trashy reality TV. I’m most passionate about prison abolition, climate change, and transgender rights. Through Operation Four, I hope to spread educational, insightful content and use our platform to help others in need. 

Adrienne deFaria- Co-head of Politics

My name is Adrienne. I go to Flintridge Preparatory School. My likes include: matcha, language, Frank Ocean, & lots of candles. I dislike ignorance, intolerance, judgement, & math. What I hope to gain from this position: experience, connections, and the opportunity to craft a diverse, robust editorial section!

Julieth Lara- Head of Activism

Julieth Lara is a current high school junior at Los Altos High School in California. She is the Head of Activism for Operation Four Magazine, National Project Director for Youth Activism Society, Executive Director of Girls for Politics, Logistics Officer for the LAHS Model United Nations Team, and is a Leadership Board Member for her city’s youth philanthropy program. Julieth’s hobbies include pen-palling, going to concerts, & creating service projects. By being Head of Activism, Julieth hopes in leading her team of great, passionate writers and bring awareness to serious issues & see a change in the world. She plans on studying politics, sociology, & public policy in college. Afterward, she hopes to become a public interest attorney or policy analyst.

Aquinnah Crosby- Head of Photography

My name is Aquinnah Crosby. I am a graduate of Barrington High School and am attending Syracuse University in the fall. I am the photography coordinator for Operation Four and I am very passionate about social justice. I believe in by any means necessary and hope to work to achieve that. I also enjoy music, films, and animals. 

Updating Soon! Enjoy these pictures of food 😉

Contact: business@operation4mag.com

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