A MINI EXHIBIT Disturbia, trails the intersection amongst LGBTQ+ activism, discourse on the racialization of gender, and art that denotes a disruption in social binaries and mainstream schools of thought. This is detailed throughout great periods of LGBTQ+ visibility and historic social upheaval in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This exhibition speaks to the possessionContinue reading “DISTURBIA”

anthem with Anthony

Anthony reached out to us back in December of 2020 and now he is in the midst of the launch of his second collection: “pure sonics.” Though some say forms of media like Instagram are dead, the continual use of such platforms has signaled a rise in small, youth-owned businesses. Whether that is Forex “teachers”Continue reading “anthem with Anthony”

sam pellegrino on hellcat studios

Hellcat Studios was birthed in 2020 by Sam Pellegrino. Products on sale include baby tees, hoodies, and more! The NYC brand has an online storefront, items are often on sale at Washington Square Park, and Hellcat was most recently featured at Rouge, a curated vintage clothing store in NYC. I recently had the great pleasureContinue reading “sam pellegrino on hellcat studios”

Soleil of Puddlejumper on “for reko muse”

Cover Image by Annabelle Hendrickson, Courtesy of Instagram: @puddlejumprrr Today we sit down with Soleil of Puddlejumper—an up and coming indie band based out of Chicago. Puddlejumper couples backing tracks reminiscent of 70s neo-psychedelia and shoegaze with a passion for storytelling. In this interview, Soleil walks us through Puddlejumper’s latest arrival, “for reko muse.” ForContinue reading “Soleil of Puddlejumper on “for reko muse””

Fisherman’s Tale

Here man sails.I reside at the coast,a watcher,a former roamer. The breath of mother diminished me,presumably man’s sigh. Sea-dwellers leave their post.I trickle along the waves,eyes darted at me, none I can actually see.heat consumes me. Too repressed my insecurities are,no honest though focused,I project my internal projection.Ideas afloat,aid me back to the waterfront.

Biden’s Climate Mandate, The Green New Deal, & Why Nothing Seems To Work

“Climate change is the existential threat to humanity.” Biden said in the second presidential debate.  Progressive politics have casted a dark cloud over climate change and its threatening relationship with the United States and the rest of the world. Despite this, center left and liberal officials’ efforts prove to be nothing if not superficial. TheContinue reading “Biden’s Climate Mandate, The Green New Deal, & Why Nothing Seems To Work”

Kaylla Damaceno Profile

BULLSHIT INTERVIEW Kaylla Damaceno Kaylla Damaceno, owner of Bullshit Boutique, chats with about her business, bullshit ethics, corporatism, and the expression of self. Who are you? What is Bullshit Boutique? I am Kaylla Damaceno, just a 19 year old girl. Currently the primary owner of Bullshit Boutique. I always use the word “we”Continue reading “Kaylla Damaceno Profile”