sam pellegrino on hellcat studios

Hellcat Studios was birthed in 2020 by Sam Pellegrino. Products on sale include baby tees, hoodies, and more! The NYC brand has an online storefront, items are often on sale at Washington Square Park, and Hellcat was most recently featured at Rouge, a curated vintage clothing store in NYC. I recently had the great pleasureContinue reading “sam pellegrino on hellcat studios”

Progress not Perfection: Estella, founder of Ethica Clothing

IA: What is the story behind Ethica?ES: For the past five years, I have been thrifting a majority of my clothing because it’s an inexpensive way to define my style. Recently, I’ve been educated on the effects of the fashion industry on our environment, something that not many are aware of. Being in quarantine forContinue reading “Progress not Perfection: Estella, founder of Ethica Clothing”

Kaylla Damaceno Profile

BULLSHIT INTERVIEW Who are you? What is Bullshit Boutique? I am Kaylla Damaceno, just a 19 year old girl. Currently the primary owner of Bullshit Boutique. I always use the word “we” when describing Bullshit as I perceive Bullshit as a community.Bullshit boutique is a hub for creativity, activism and fashion. Oh, and we alsoContinue reading “Kaylla Damaceno Profile”

Defying Stereotypes and Redefining Fashion

Throughout the years, fashion has been a way to liberate ourselves from society’s expectations and make a statement about what should or shouldn’t be considered normal. The best part about fashion is how versatile it is and how clothing can be used to express yourself. Many influences such as Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel, and moreContinue reading “Defying Stereotypes and Redefining Fashion”

Mehndi’s Cultural Relevance (and why it’s much bigger than the sun you got at the beach)

My happiness often peaked in the fall near Navratiri and Diwali season, dressed in gorgeous, draping red lehengas and beautiful jewelry, mehndi trailing up my arm in intricate designs. The small tubes were found at the Indian store and I’d breath in the smell as they traced floral designs to my inner-elbow, would stand stick-straightContinue reading “Mehndi’s Cultural Relevance (and why it’s much bigger than the sun you got at the beach)”

Fashion: Rolling With The Times

Written by: Maria Perez & Mackenzie Johnson Today, we are taking a look at how people are breaking the cycle of gender roles and we explore the tardiness of gender fluidity in fashion.  The idea of gender is rather limiting, when focusing on personal expression through various means of dress, music, leisure activities, and whatContinue reading “Fashion: Rolling With The Times”