anthem with Anthony

Anthony reached out to us back in December of 2020 and now he is in the midst of the launch of his second collection: “pure sonics.” Though some say forms of media like Instagram are dead, the continual use of such platforms has signaled a rise in small, youth-owned businesses. Whether that is Forex “teachers”Continue reading “anthem with Anthony”

POC Wellness: Accessible Care Beyond Capitalism

On May 25th, 2020, individuals from all backgrounds across the world were heartbroken by the murder of George Floyd. Floyd was one of many victims of police brutality and racially-motivated attacks both during and after the time he was killed. Some took this opportunity to spread awareness, raise funds or begin protesting, but far tooContinue reading “POC Wellness: Accessible Care Beyond Capitalism”

Allluvnoluv: Bay Area Filmmaker Talks Short Films & More

Nolan Gonzales, hailing from San Jose, CA, began filmmaking by picking up his dad’s camcorder and documenting his family vacations. Gonzales, known by his artist name, Allluvnoluv, has since taught himself technical filmmaking and editing skills and has created two short films along with other small projects. In January, I spoke with Nolan about hisContinue reading “Allluvnoluv: Bay Area Filmmaker Talks Short Films & More”

Asian-American/Pacific Islander Writers to Check Out this AAPI Heritage Month

May is Asian-American/Pacific Islander Heritage month, which aims to recognize the contributions and influence of AAPIs to American culture and achievements. In honor of this month, we have compiled a list of notable contemporary Asian-American/Pacific Islander writers spanning dozens of genres and styles. Theresa Hak Kyung Cha Korean-born novelist, artist and filmmaker Theresa Hak KyungContinue reading “Asian-American/Pacific Islander Writers to Check Out this AAPI Heritage Month”

How a North Hollywood Skater Boy turned his passion into a Multifaceted Empire

All Mikey Alfred wanted to do was make movies about skateboarding. At just 12 years old Alfred started his skateboarding and media company, Illegal Civilization. Mikey and his friends started off by filming skateboarding videos around NoHo and posting them on YouTube. Now, at 26-year-old Alfred has written and directed films such as North Hollywood (2021) starringContinue reading “How a North Hollywood Skater Boy turned his passion into a Multifaceted Empire”

A Look Inside Gen-Z Dating Culture

Welcome to Generation Z, which includes those who were born between 1997 and 2012 (Parker & Igielnik). We are living in the age where Generation Z dominates. Already, Research shows that Gen Z is the most well-educated generation yet, along with being the most racially diverse (Parker & Igielnik). Clearly, Generation Z has already madeContinue reading “A Look Inside Gen-Z Dating Culture”

Soul: A New Disney Classic?

Spoiler warning! Classic Disney movies will always be appropriate at any age- even if I’m a teen. I recently watched the movie Soul, which has been out for a bit on Disney Plus. From the looks of the trailer, and given that it’s a Pixar, PG, family movie, I naively thought it would be aContinue reading “Soul: A New Disney Classic?”

Where Did The Nice Guys Go?

By: Sylvia Davidow Promising Young Woman touches on the subject of sexual assault and asks: who can you actually trust? Seven years after dropping out of medical school, Carrie remains scarred by a past traumatic event involving her college best friend, Nina. How does she cope with her trauma? By sneaking out of her parentsContinue reading “Where Did The Nice Guys Go?”

Soleil of Puddlejumper on “for reko muse”

Cover Image by Annabelle Hendrickson, Courtesy of Instagram: @puddlejumprrr Today we sit down with Soleil of Puddlejumper—an up and coming indie band based out of Chicago. Puddlejumper couples backing tracks reminiscent of 70s neo-psychedelia and shoegaze with a passion for storytelling. In this interview, Soleil walks us through Puddlejumper’s latest arrival, “for reko muse.” ForContinue reading “Soleil of Puddlejumper on “for reko muse””

Yes, God is Trans: Remembering SOPHIE

SOPHIE died on January 30, 2021 in Athens, Greece, after sustaining a lethal fall from a balcony. After their death, it was revealed that they preferred to use gender-neutral pronouns. For as long as I can remember, I have hated my body. As soon as I hit puberty and began to molt into a woman,Continue reading “Yes, God is Trans: Remembering SOPHIE”