A Look Into Marilyn Manson

If you grew up in the 90s or early 2000s, you’ve probably heard the name Marilyn Manson once or twice. For context, Manson (real name, Brian Warner) is a musician, songwriter, producer – you name it, Manson has done it. Manson is known for his dark persona and gothic outward appearance. But now we knowContinue reading “A Look Into Marilyn Manson”

Issa Rae and The Incredible Impact of ‘Insecure’

For those who aren’t already aware, actress/comedian/writer/producer/all-around very well-respected black woman Issa Rae has announced that her HBO show, Insecure, will premiere its fifth and final season at the end of this year. Of course, this announcement was met with awe and shock from Insecure’s many fans, who would enthusiastically tune in every Sunday toContinue reading “Issa Rae and The Incredible Impact of ‘Insecure’”

PAWS NY is All Hands (And Paws) On Deck

By: Kasey Halbleib  We all know that pets can connect with humans and magic almost always ensues. Whether that be from the healing element of emotional, mental or physical connection, it is powerful and if you’ve experienced this with a pet in your life, you probably can’t imagine having them be taken away from you.Continue reading “PAWS NY is All Hands (And Paws) On Deck”

Monet Dating: How Gen Z is Redefining Dating App Culture

We’ve all had our respective quarantine activities: baking, crocheting, watching TV and movies. For current gap-year student, Joanna Shan, it was coding and creating a dating app. This past summer, Joanna and her high school friends and now co-founders, Daniel, Jonathan, and Marc, came up with the idea of making a dating app: Monet Dating.Continue reading “Monet Dating: How Gen Z is Redefining Dating App Culture”

Drug Advocacy In Entertainment

In mid-December 2020, multiple sources revealed that former Saturday Night Live writer, comedian, and actor, John Mulaney, had admitted himself to an undisclosed rehab facility in rural Pennsylvania after relapsing during quarantine. Mulaney had previously quit drugs and alcohol “cold turkey” after a long-standing cocaine and alcohol addiction that lasted from his childhood to hisContinue reading “Drug Advocacy In Entertainment”

Stray Cat Blues: How We Accepted So Much For So Long

Partial artwork provided by Margaret Deignan We’ve all been stuck inside, waiting for something new, for what seems like endless months. In the meantime until it is safe to leave the house uncovered, many have been taking weeks long deep delves into their favorite movies, tv shows, and music. Within this social media age, youContinue reading “Stray Cat Blues: How We Accepted So Much For So Long”

Not So Lovely Love Films

As a 16-year-old girl in the 21st century, it’s hard to say that I haven’t fallen victim to the phenomenon of unrealistic teen romance movies. However, in my (and many, many others’) defense, these sappy love stories are written off as must-see rites of passage in the context of pop culture’s Constitution. Just picture it,Continue reading “Not So Lovely Love Films”

The Vigilantes: LA’s DIY Activism

Los Angeles has always been a hotspot for major musical movements. From the 70’s rockers to the modern rap scene; but especially home to a history of Punk Rock. The Punk Rock genre is too often forgotten among the waves of popular genres born during its cultivation or mislabeled as nothing more than meaningless andContinue reading “The Vigilantes: LA’s DIY Activism”

The Problem With White Savior Movies

The Help. Freedom Writers. The Blind Side. Hidden Figures. To Kill a Mockingbird. The list could go on and on. These are just a few examples of the “White Savior” movies that have taken over Hollywood and have been made out to be inspirational successes. However, as many Americans continue their fight against police brutalityContinue reading “The Problem With White Savior Movies”